Dailystocktips 2.0 – What has been changed and what will change!?

Written by Alex Jonah

Dec 8, 2020

December 8, 2020

First of all, Dailystocktips got a complete design overhaul. It is now much cleaner, modern looking and hopefully with a much more intuitive UI. 

All the features you were used to, stay the same and will continue to stay the same. Meaning Support and resistance levels on Indian stocks, NIFTY 50 and everything else. 


What`s new?!


Dailystocktips now features new asset classes. We got you convered on everything realted to cryptocurrencies. In fact you can track prices and market data on more than 5000 cryptocurrencies on Dailystocktips. 

But not only that, we also got thousands of stocks from all around the world added. Meaning stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange, European Exchanges, Asian exchanges and much more. 

Additionally there are commodities and futures that are being added as we speak. 


We also got a newsletter set up, so go ahead and subscribe – you will find some popups around the site to sign up. 

We will get you market updates, news updates and exclusive content pieces delivered directly to your inbox. But don`t worry, we won`t spam you – there will be a newsletter probably once a month.


What`s coming?


Our goal is to reach a bigger audience, we specifically want to welcome more international users and traders. Also, including cryptocurrency interested people. 

Additionally, there will be more content out there. We think that there should be more educational content on trading and financial topics. 

Also, we are looking for partner to offer our users exclusive offers and deals. So stay tuned for that! There are exciting things coming including giveaways and freebies!

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