The Technical Trader Bundle & 3 giveaways to win 50$, bundles and the book itself

Written by Alex Jonah

Mar 21, 2021

March 21, 2021

The Technical Trader is your ultimate buddy on your trading journey. It is perfect for everyone who wants to improve, fine-tune and optimize their trading. It covers a broad range of topics and tries to cover as much aspects of technical trading as possible while being as easy to understand as possible.

The book is a must-read for everyone who is trading based on technical indicators or for those who want to start with it. The extensive basics section will make starting with trading as easy as it could be and for experienced traders, it is a great refreseher of their fundamentals.

The later chapters are really going in-depth – The Technical Trader focusses on practical knowledge. Hence, the later chapters will talk you hands-on through how to find trade setups, entries/exits and risk management by combining indicators and other metrics the right way. It will not give you a pre-defined way that guraentees you to make millions –

like a lot of scams out there do – but it will guide you to find the perfect fitting strategy that fits your trading style, your emotions and your expectations. Especially emotions are different for everyone. Managing emotions in trading is immensely important and The Technical Trader takes that into account by laying out clearly what each strategy and component of each strategy might mean for you and your emotions in trading.

There will also be practical case studies that you work out yourself so that you can not only theoretically step up your game but also practically.

“In the end the markets are probably the roughest sea of all seas out there, so you want to make sure that you are properly set up to really sail that rough sea and make it through. Trading isn’t easy and definitely not for everyone. It will sometimes cause sleepless nights and can be extremely painful BUT the rewards that you are receiving eventually are truly fulfilling as you know directly that you were the one who is responsible for those gains – you are the only one responsible and hence, the reward you might be getting is truly 100% due to your amazing work.”

– Some last words in The Technical Trader

The Liquidity Report

The Liquidity Report is a 13-page acamdeic report that outlines how liquidity in order-book markets work and how to use and analyze it as a trader.

It will give algorithms and simple methods to spot fake volume, an insight into how crypto-exchanges work and how trading volume can be manipulated.

The Technical Trader & Liquidity Report Bundle

As a limited time offer we have a bundle of The Technical Trader and The Liquidity Report in our store. The Liquidity Report is an academic in-depth look on liquidity of open order book markets. It looks on ways to inspect orderbooks, both algorithmically and with looking at order-books.

The Technical Trader, as mentioned above, is your ultimate comprehensive guide to financial markets. Buying the bundle is perfect for everyone who wants to truly understand liquidity and order-books, as well as manipulated trade volume (wash trading) and who wants to have a broad understanding of technical trading.

The bundle is during the pre-launch phase of The Technical Trader tremendously reduced in price. While the bundle normally costs 50$, it is now for sale for only 14.99$. This sale ends when The Technical Trader becomes available.

Buyers of the bundle enjoy

  • 70% off the total price – 50$ -> 14.99$
  • Extensive knowledge and content both for beginners and pros
  • Pre-Launch copies of The Technical Trader – if you buy the bundle you will receive The Technical Trader one week before everyone else

The Technical Trader Launch Schedule

The Technical Trader is still in the finishing. We have already sent out some samples to exclusive parters ad decision makers, the sale will start in April, however.

To celebrate our first book, we want to give back to you!

For that, we have 3 giveaways in the pipelines. The first will start the 8th of March where we are giving away some Bitcoin.

The second giveaway will be the pre-order bundle “The Technical Trader and The Liquidity Report” where we are giving away 3 bundles for free to our loyal community. The giveaway will start on Monday the 22nd of March and will last until the 5th of April.

When The Technical Trader becomes available in April we will be giving away another 5 copies of The Technical Trader in a giveaway in April.

Find the compact schedule below:

Bitcoin Giveaway: 22/03/2021 – 16/04/2021

The Technical Trader & Liquidity Report Bundle Giveaway: 16/04/2021 – 01/05/2021

The Technical Trader Giveaway: 03/05/2021 – 09/05/2021

Hint: Stay tuned – maybe we will add even more to the Bundle & The Technical Trader giveaway!

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