Dailystocktips.co.in welcomes advertisers to reach fast-growing audience

Written by Alex Jonah

Feb 3, 2021

February 3, 2021

Wednesday, 03/02/2021

Dailystocktips.co.in welcomes advertisers to reach a fast-growing finance-oriented audience.
Dailystocktips is one of the most popular stock screeners for Indian stocks. The stock screener features a powerful range of tools for retail investors and traders to fine-tune their investing and trading. For each BSE and NSE listed stock the platform displays support and resistance levels, RSI, Moving Average levels and pivot levels.

Since the launch of DailyStockTips 2.0 a lot has changed. The 11-year old platform, got a complete overhaul and now also supports international stock markets covering over 70,000 stocks, a great educational section and 300 indices and commodities. Given the latest boom of cryptocurrency, DailyStockTips got over 5,000 cryptocurrencies listed and available to analyze for its users.

DailyStockTips is growing at a tremendous pace. Since the launch of DST 2.0, the platform noticed a monthly growth-rate of 10%, giving a projection a million unique pageviews for 2021.

DailyStockTips` audience is diverse. The demographics of the platform visitors reach from USA, India to UAE. DST is especially a great pick for advertisers to strengthen their position in the Indian market or to enter the Indian market.

For advertisers there is a broad variety of options to reach their desired target audience. DST offers sponsored content (e.g. Press Releases or sponsored articles with do-follow backlinks), native ads or custom promotion campaigns – may it be a give-away or custom integration of the tool of the advertiser.

Advertisers can leverage an introduction sale – ending in 30 days – by visiting dailystocktips.co.in/advertise or by reaching out to business@dailystocktips.co.in.

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